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How to Convert GIF to PNG?

  • Click “Choose Files” to select GIFs.
  • Click “Convert to PNG” to start.
  • When done, click “Download PNG”.


GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is what is it?

Graphical Interchange Format (GIF) is a raster file format that represents an image element by pixel. In this format, images are displayed using a three-trivial color model known as RBG. Unlike the BMP full-length compressing model, GIF uses lossless compression and supports imagery without sound permeation. Another popular way to use GIFs is in short and high-impact-yield scintillations as advertisements, passion-generated responses, and popular Internet tomfoolery, a feature that often leads to their quick dissemination in the World Wide Web.


How to open a GIF specifically?

Almost all full browsers carry the GIF file format, which is what distinguishes it from already existing image formats, such as PNG. Additionally, while GIF is compatible with Apple’s mobile devices, iPhone and iPad are still more in demand than Adobe Flash. Consequently, GIF is more preferred over Flash.

Inasmuch as they are made by programmers for this particular reason they open up easily into almost all image-viewer, web, and operating systems. The application of Adobe Photoshop should be used to open a file. Its primary purpose would be editing of the GIF. Microsoft Photos, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Roxio Creator NXT Pro, and many others on Windows OS platforms are also capable of rendering GIF files. To edit vector shapes on macOS, use Adobe’s tools such as Adobe Illustrator.


What is PNG (or commonly known as Portable Network Graphics) file?

PNG or as a Portable Network Graphics is a raster compression image file format. It lets the file to be portable in today’s modern times. PNG pictures can be RGB or RGBA color type and they have the transparency option, so they are great when are used for icons or graphics designs. PNG saves less space so it not suitable for animation, try the GIF-to-APNG conversion method. Among PNG benefits, it is important to mention the fact that PNG, unlike others, it is an open format making use of lossless compression.


What is PNG file extension?

Normally speaking, PNG files will open by commanding operating system’s default image viewer. PNG images, on the other hand, do not need extra plugins that support viewing PNG image in web browsers, making these files more viewable in all browsers. If you would like to open PNG files, try out our PNG to JPG, PNG to WebP or PNG to BMP converters first.

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  1. Is the GIF to PNG conversion tool free to use?

Yes, our converter is completely free.

  1. Can I convert multiple GIF files at once?

Yes, batch conversion is supported.

  1. Are there options to customize conversion settings?

Yes, advanced settings are available for fine-tuning.

  1. How long does it take to convert GIF to PNG?

Conversion is usually quick.

  1. Is my data secure during the conversion process?

We guarantee file security and privacy.