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Convert GIF images to BMP format effortlessly with ImagesLite. Upload your GIF file, select BMP as the output format, and download your converted file instantly. No registration is required.


How to Convert GIF Image to BMP Format using ImagesLite for Free?

Step 1

Upload GIF-file

Select your GIF file from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, or drag and drop it onto the page.

Step 2

Select “to BMP”

Choose BMP or any other supported format for conversion.

Step 3

Download your BMP file

Wait for the conversion to finish, then click download to get your BMP file.


Best tool to Convert GIF Image to BMP Format

  • Preserve Image Quality

Convert GIF to BMP without losing quality, ensuring your images remain clear and detailed.

  • Smaller File Sizes

BMP format typically results in smaller file sizes compared to GIF, optimizing storage and transmission efficiency.

  • Wide Compatibility

BMP files are compatible with a variety of platforms and software applications, ensuring seamless integration and accessibility.

  • Lossless Conversion

ImagesLite performs lossless conversion from GIF to BMP, ensuring no loss of data or image quality during the process.


File Format Information

GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) was a bitmap image format developed by CompuServe using the LZW lossless data compression method. It can be utilized for animation, supports the transparent background color, and can be implemented with metadata. This format contains a very poor quality of color that presents only up to 8 bits with 256 colors, which makes it a good option for smaller images but not for those with high-quality colors.

Raster Graphics is one of the ways of storing bitmaps as BMP (Bitmap), it is the most interface image format in the Windows operating system and of course, you can see them on every Windows platform. Furthermore, the information of BMP is stored in a device-independent bitmap (DIB) format with a file header, information header, a color table, and bitmap bits. The JPEG image format is lossy. This means that uncompressed images in JPEG format usually have a large file size. These can be visible through their corresponding file extensions which can be, .bmp and .dib.


  1. Is the GIF to BMP conversion process free?

Yes, our GIF to BMP converter is completely free to use.

  1. Do I need to register to convert GIF to BMP?

No registration is required. You can convert your files instantly without any hassle.

  1. Can I convert multiple GIF files to BMP simultaneously?

Yes, you can upload and convert multiple GIF files at once for convenience.

  1. How long does it take to convert GIF to BMP?

The conversion process is quick, typically taking just a few moments.

  1. Is my data secure during the GIF to BMP conversion process?

Absolutely. We use advanced encryption to ensure the security and privacy of your files throughout the conversion process.